Grand Fusion Housewares
prides itself on innovation. Our principals have successfully launched hundreds of new items over the years.
Our distribution is especially strong in North America, but we also sell to leading international chains on every continent. We focus on a relatively narrow group of product channels where we have strong buyer relationships.
This includes Kitchen Organization, Gadgets, Cleaning & Laundry, Travel, Bath, and Pet. We also do well with products that keep beer & wine cold.


We work with talented designers who can help bring your idea to life starting with CAD renderings and 3D models. Our factory partners specialize in a variety of materials including silicone, plastic, metal, wood, and fabric. We work only with the best quality factories, and we buy competitively, which gives your product the best possible chance of being successful in the market. We offer common sense advice to help you protect your idea if there’s pending IP. And, we use market data to determine potential consumer demand before we launch so that we’re going after items we feel have a very high probability of success.

We like to see ideas from inventors who have already done competitive research on the market. We’re looking for innovation or improved versions of products in high demand categories. A good visual rendering or catalog sheet will help us better understand the concept and give you the best shot of capturing our interest. Short videos, 3D models, working prototypes, and CAD drawings are great, but not completely necessary.

If we like an idea, we’ll ask your permission to get quotes to understand tooling and product costs. If those hit our parameters, we’ll then draft a licensing agreement for your review. We typically incur most initial product development costs including tooling/molds, package design, inventory investment, and marketing collateral. We also have experts on our team that will optimize your product for sale online. And, we’ll collaborate with you on potential design improvements. When we launch, we pay inventors a royalty based on the revenue generated by an item over its lifetime in the market.


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Meet the Inventors & their inventions!

Icy Bev Kooler Version 2.0 by Gary Moore

3 in 1
Bottle insulator
Can Insulator
Water insulator

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Leakproof Baking Mat by Talia

Baking Mat/Tray

First ever baking liner that turns into a rimmed tray.
Oven Safe to 450 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Perfect size for Half-Sheet Baking Pans.

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Butter Once by Anne McMahon

The easiest, Cleanest way to butter corn.
No more greasy fingers or mutilated sticks of butter.
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
The best way to butter everyone's favorite cookout side dish.
Great gift idea for grill masters and chefs.

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One Twist Can Spatula by Paul Sorenson

Empties cans in seconds.
Just Twist and Pour.
Strong double edge silicone blade.
Great for sauce cans, soups, veggies, beans, and more.

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Shower Caddy by Danna Knowles

Stay Organized with 7 quick dry mesh pockets.
Space Saver when attached to shower curtain road.
High Quality, tear resistant, long lasting.

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Apron w/ Built-In Oven Mitts by Francis Lye

Built in oven mitts for maximum convenience.
Make cooking and baking safer and more convenient.
Heat resistant, Canvas fabric protects from hot dishes and pans.
Look sharp and ready to bake

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Casserole Caddy by Maria Ruvio

Dish towel converts to dual drawstring carrier.
Can carry or hold dishes, bowls, cookware and other food containers.
Dual purpose for ultimate convinience.
Machine washable for easy cleaning.
Highly absorbent to help dry hands and clean spills.

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Swat-n-scoop by Scott Putnam

Swat flies or bees and quickly dispose of them
Easily reach High walls and ceilings
Scoop and catch bugs and spiders from a safe distance
Great for “catch and release” of dangerous insects

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