Innovative Products You Need To Know About

Innovative Products You Need To Know About

June 22, 2022

Grand Fusion sells many different products in many different product categories. We aim to bring innovation and improvement to these categories. Our goal is to look at houseware products from a different perspective and ask “How can we do this better? How can we make this more efficient and effective?” The amazing inventors we work with have the creativity to answer these questions and bring new ideas to ordinary houseware objects. Here are a few products we think are especially innovative and unique. 


Apron With Built-in Oven Mitts 

Grand Fusion Adjustable 31 Inch Apron with Oven Mitts Built In. Men and Women Chefs Love the Sewn On Extra Thick Quilted Pot Holder Gloves and Large Pocket. Perfect for Bakers, Cooks and BBQ Grill Masters

You have heard of oven mitts and you’ve heard of an apron, but have you heard of the two combined? This combination allows for very convenient baking and cooking. Somehow oven mitts are never where you left them. Maybe someone used it as a trivet or potholder. But with this apron, they’re always ready to wear. Whether baking, roasting, or grilling this apron keeps clothes clean and splatter free and your hands safe from burns without searching for pot holders. 

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Soap Dispensing Loofah 

Liquid Soap Dispensing Exfoliating Loofah 3 Pack for Men and Women. Fill Pouf With Your Favorite Body Wash and Scrub Your Skin Clean in the Shower or Bath Tub. Convenient Loop to Hang Dry, from Grand Fusion

This is not any ordinary loofah. Fill the cap with your favorite soap and watch as the soap lathers up. This loofah is strong enough for a deep clean, while being gentle on delicate skin. It is the perfect balance of strength for removing dead skin cells while maximizing comfort and luxury for an enjoyable cleaning experience. Cut out the extra steps and hassle with this soap dispensing loofah. 

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Fly Blaster

Fly Blaster 2 Pack Set, from Grand Fusion

Say goodbye to painfully trying to swat at flies invading your home. Not only is this time consuming and a hassle, but it is definitely not fun. Now, you can use the fly blaster to do just that, but in a faster and more fun way. Trust us, it really works! Assassinate that pesky fly and get rid of the buzzing for good. It is as simple as load: aim and fire - then splat. Includes a safety string to prevent the dart from going too far. 

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