3 Kitchen Products You Need

3 Kitchen Products You Need

June 24, 2022

There are many different things you can do to make your kitchen more efficient and easier to navigate. Here are some great products to add to your kitchen. 

1. Soap Pump

Soap Dispensing Kitchen Sponge Pump Caddy. 2 in 1 Design. Automatically Load Dish Scrubbers or Brushes with Liquid Soap For Dishwashing by Hand. Easy to Refill, Raised Tray Dries Sponges Quickly, from Grand Fusion

This soap pump caddy allows you to cut out the excess steps in a clean way. The sleek design looks great in any kitchen and allows your sponge to dry faster without dripping on counters with a raised drip tray to catch water. Keep counters and sink areas neat and tidy, store your dish cleaning detergent out of sight under the sink until it’s time to refill the high capacity soap well keeping your kitchen clutter free. The pump action holder pumps the same amount of soap every time so you know exactly how much you get eliminating waste and frustration. A must have for every home. Perfect in the kitchen, wet bar, bathroom, powder room, workshop and anywhere that needs to be scrubbed and cleaned from time to time. 


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2. Dish Drying Mat 

Dish Drying Rack and Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Mat. Drain and Air Dry 5 Plates, 2 Bowls and Silverware Without Dripping on Counters. Customizable Space Saving Design Stores Easily, From Grand Fusion

The perfect solution to air drying your dishes without getting water all over the counter. Customize your setup for your unique dishwashing needs. Each section detaches and reattaches to the other components in different configurations depending on what dishes, bowls, and utensils are used. Stores flat to maximize kitchen storage space. When not in use, it is easily stored in a drawer, cupboard or cabinet until needed again. Super simple to clean and store, the mat is machine washable. This is a must have in any kitchen. 


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3. Refrigerator Air Freshener

Activated Charcoal Refrigerator Air Freshener 3 PACK SET, REMOVES ODOR AND MOISTURE keeping fridge smelling fresh and food tasting better, From Grand Fusion

You need this air freshener in your fridge. It absorbs odors, keeping your fridge fresh so food tastes better. The freshener absorbs ethylene gas and moisture which helps keep fruits and veggies fresh longer. Additionally, there is a satisfaction guarantee.


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